A Re-Buzz and Some New Stuff
As some of you pointed out to me, the link down below for the BTCEB 25th Anniversary party was for a cancelled meetup. I've updated with the correct link so y'all who are getting ready to pay and sign up can jump on that right away!  Also, I added a note on trail work and fixed some really embarrassing typos. Hope everyone had a safe and extra-corn-beefy St Patrick's, that you got some cold but not too wet riding in this weekend, and if you participated that your NCAA brackets didn't get too hammered with all the upsets this week.
The March Miracle and March Madness are Here!
What's the phrase, "March showers bring sping flowers?" I'm ready! Let's hear it for a somewhat mellow winter and embrace the late winter/early spring rain. This has been a fairly light rainy season in 2011/2012 for the Bay Area. For those of you who don't know or don't' remember, the previous two winters have been heavy rain and cold. We needed to be able to ride this winter without the oppressive downpours that we suffered through last two years. Rain does mess-up our trails for a brief time in the winter but also lays down the dust and prepares the trails for the next year's riding season. I'm embracing these storms and looking forward to the super tacky/newly-mother nature-landscaped trails that will be riding like butter come spring...Happy Trails!!!

Ride Like a Girl!
Ride Like a Girl went off two weeks ago at Annadel State Park on Saturday March 3 and  at Chabot Regional Park on Sunday, March 4. Karen Lynaugh was the ride coordinator at both events and had happy participants riding on both days. In Santa Rosa, Per Karen: "Our RLAG group had an incredible day at Annadel State Park - beautiful weather, perfect guide and company, and awesome trails.  An amazing group of 19 ladies showed up to shred the tacky, flowy single-tracks with a few rocky sections and muddy spots to keep them focused and on their toes. As usual, our trail boss, Karen, did a phenomenal job of organizing and keeping such a large group on track and moving smoothly. Thanks to Cris also for splitting off and guiding one rider who was up for a little bit shorter of a ride. We were all full of smiles at the end of our 23-mile ride, even though our faces were freckled with mud and our bikes barely recognizable.  We were the dirty girls, for sure, after that ride! If you haven't been to this park, it is a single-track lover's paradise and the trip well worth it! Happy trails. Sunday's event went just as smooth with less riders but just as much fun!!!

Karen wants all girls to sign up via Meetup and will see you bright and early at the next ride!!!

Gala at China Camp!!!
The Gala ride is at China Camp was in San Rafael on March 10. We had an A-group let by Mat, two B-groups with Brent and Dave leading, and a C-group with Michael keeping tabs on them. The weather was typical perfect low 60's with spotty sunshine which kept us warm during the after ride food and drink session.

I'm not going to say too much more other than join us so you can experience the awesomeness next time!

Bike Related Things...!
Same stuff, different Buzz!!! Keep these items on your calendar. More info to follow as we get closer. We will most likely be involved with and would love any of you readers to join us:

  •  Trail work at Joaquin Miller Park next weekend. Join our trail boss, Dan Perkins for some semi-hard labor with beverages and food to follow the digging. Heavy rain cancels the event so stay on top of those weather reports!
  • VO-Cal events at Joaquin Miller Park and Black Diamond Mines.
  • 2012 Ridge to Bridge Fundraiser.
  • WildCat Roll - Think about it, it involves riding, bbq and all of your friends from BTCEB...it's awesome!!!! The event is going off in June with more info once we get a little closer!

We'll have more info to follow on these events in future Buzzes!

BTCEB's 25th Anniversary, BE THERE!!!
We are one of the original mountain bike organizations!!!

No BS here folks. The current trails with mountain bike access in the greater bay area have our name written all over them. Also, BTCEB is one of the founding members of IMBA, the nationally renown mountain bike advocacy organization in the WORLD. Furthermore...We have opened and built trails ALL-OVER the east bay that are open for all persons, mountain biking or not to enjoy!

So...Although it's not free, we wanted to share our trail-riding-exuberance with you and celebrate with a party of our success! Happening on Thursday, March 29, we got a special deal at Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley: For $25 per person, we get our own space in the balcony/mezzanine that overlooks all of the non-special guests. There's hors-douerves (spelling...sorry) featuring ribs, nachos, and other Pyramid specialties, delicious wine by Rosenblum, copious amounts of beer, and non-alcoholic beverages. For those of you who haven't checked out where this party will happen, please visit Meetup.com.
Buttons, Button...who's got the Button!
Sometimes great things hide in plain site! If you haven't noticed, we have some great links below to our Facebook and Meetup pages. Also, our monthly mountain bike blog (the big W) and the youth mountain bike photos are worth checking out!

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