Get on your Bikes and Ride!

I grew up in the shadow of Mt. Tamalpias and rode my hand me down Schwinn three-speed along Corte Madera Creek and up to Phoenix and Lauganitas lakes.  My bike was my freedom, and the best place to go was out to the hills.

I rode to high school even in the rain in return for my folks buying me an early production Mountain Bike (a Ross).  I was able to talk them into it since the newfangled cantilever brakes worked so well even in the rain.

I hit the trails with a vengeance while dating my current husband (who was living in a studio apartment with his five bikes) .  One trip up Mt. Tam’s famous Railroad grade which once carried the ‘Crookedest Railroad in the World” convinced me that my Trek Hybrid was more at home in the city than on the rocks.  Adam helped me to trade up to fatter tires, and introduced me to trails outside of Marin.

We’ve joined the crew here at BTCEB to meet more people and learn trails more local to our Berkeley digs.

I hope I see you out on the trails!


Adam and Cheryl Hunt out on the trail

Adam and Cheryl Hunt out on the trail

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